NASEM report praises the Degrees Modelling Fund

The US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) today published a major policy report on SRM: Reflecting Sunlight. The 311-page publication is the most comprehensive report on SRM to-date. It is exploring the scientific and socio-political dimensions of SRM and making dozens of recommendations on topics such as research and governance. We were […]

First SRM paper from the Caribbean

On 11 March 2021, another global milestone for SRM evaluation was reached when the Jamaican Degrees Modelling Fund team published the first SRM research paper from the Caribbean region. It was also the first paper from a Small Island Developing State. The team is led by Dr Leonardo Clarke and is based at the University […]

First workshop in Iran

On 5 March 2021, SRMGI (The Degrees Initiative) and the Center for Research in Climate Change and Global Warming (CRCC) of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) based in Zanjan co-organised the first participatory workshop on SRM (virtually) held in Iran. The meeting was conducted in Farsi and English and gathered 18 […]

Degrees Modelling Fund: the trillion dollar project (sort of)

In his new book How to Spend a Trillion Dollars, science journalist Rowan Hooper explores how a trillion dollars might be spent on reducing suffering and encouraging human flourishing around the world. In addressing issues such as poverty reduction, global health care, and fighting climate change, Hooper considers ideas as varied as universal basic income, […]

Safe Climate Research Initiative Grant

SRMGI (The Degrees Initiative) will be able to expand its work through 2021 thanks to a new grant from SilverLining’s Safe Climate Research Initiative. The research fund provided grants to five SRM research initiatives considered to be outstanding: The National Center for Atmospheric Research Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Laboratory The University of Washington Marine Cloud […]

Interview with Dr Casimir Y. Da-Allada

Dr Casimir Y. Da Allada is the lead author of the first SRM study to come from an LDC. Photo: Casimir Y. Da Allada In June, Beninese oceanographer Dr Casimir Y. Da-Allada was lead author on the first SRM modelling paper to come from a Least Developed Country. We recently had a chance to catch […]

2020 Global Forum postponed

SRMGI (The Degrees Initiative) planned to hold its second Global Forum in Berlin, Germany on 5 and 6 October 2020. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to postpone the Global Forum to Spring 2021. The Global Forum is our flagship conference bringing together selected participants from past workshops across the Global South. This […]

Recognising our volunteers

SRMGI (The Degrees Initiative) has been the product of a global community and our work is only made possible thanks to the contributions of volunteers from around the world. These extraordinary people are now recognised on our website and we thank them for their years of invaluable help, providing free expert advice, reviewing Degrees Modelling Fund […]

First SRM study from an LDC

Today, the Benin Degrees Modelling Fund team published their first paper in Earth’s Future, exploring how SRM could affect the West African monsoon. Using modelling data from the GLENS project, the study finds that SRM would reduce climate-caused disruptions to rainfall in the Northern Sahel and Southern Sahel. However, it also finds that SRM would […]

Interview with Dr Izidine Pinto

Dr Izidine Pinto is the lead author of the first SRM modelling study from Africa. Photo: Izidine Pinto In January, global SRM research reached an important milestone: the publication of the world’s first African research paper on solar geoengineering. The paper’s lead author was Mozambican climatologist Dr Izidine Pinto, working with colleagues at the University of […]