Scientists in Mexico research local impacts of solar radiation modification

+ Today the Degrees Initiative announced funding for the first two solar radiation modification (SRM) research teams based in Mexico. The teams are based at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and they will model how SRM could affect heatwaves and biodiversity. + Last year Mexico announced its intention to ban outdoor solar geoengineering activities after […]

Looking back on 2023 at the Degrees Initiative

Beginning fresh in 2024, we decided to take a moment to look back on what we have achieved over the last year. 2023 took us around the world from Istanbul to Mexico City to Kigali, building a global community through workshops, events, and research funding.

Funding awards for development of an African SRM Research Coalition

A team at the University of Cape Town – led by Degrees-funded scientist and research collaborator, Dr Christopher Lennard – have been awarded funding from The Rockefeller Foundation, through its Uncommon Collaborations program with Dalberg Catalyst, to support the exploration of the development of an African Research Coalition on SRM