Early career DMF scientists centre stage at SRM youth organisation launch

Holly Scoble, Alice Wells, Dr Thelma Krug and Varisha Kahn during virtual panel ‘Young women in SRM’ at SRM Youth Watch launch event September, 2023. Photo Credit: SRM Youth Watch Two early career Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) scientists, Trisha Patel (South Africa) and Varisha Khan (Pakistan), presented their current research during the launch event for […]

Trisha Patel’s story: South African SRM lecture to published master’s thesis

Trisha Patel talking during a roundtable discussion at Degrees’ research planning workshop in Istanbul, Turkey – January 2023. Photo Credit: the Degrees Initiative. Trisha Patel, a junior researcher working on the 2023 South African Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) team led by Dr Andreas Schwarz Meyer, has published the research from her MSc dissertation in Environmental […]

The experience of a young Pakistani scientist at GeoMIP

varisha khan presenting at geoMIP

By Varisha Khan Varisha Khan (Pakistan) presenting SRM’s potential impact on malaria transmission across South Asia. Photo Credit: The Degrees Initiative. Varisha Khan is an early career scientist working with the Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) team in Pakistan. She attended GeoMIP alongside ten other DMF scientists, from across Africa, Asia and South America. She took […]

Degrees at the fifth Paris Peace Forum

Andy Parker at PPF 2022 roundtable

The Paris Peace Forum is a high-level annual gathering that supports international cooperation to address global problems. In 2021, the Degrees initiative was chosen as one of ten Scale-Up projects of the Peace Forum, receiving a year of tailored advice and support that was invaluable during the transformation into an independent NGO. We were also […]

Degrees briefs the Climate Overshoot Commission

The Degrees Initiative was invited to present its work to the third meeting of the Climate Overshoot Commission (COC) in Cairo, on 19 and 20 November. The Climate Overshoot Commision (COC) is an independent group of eminent global leaders who in 2023 will recommend a strategy to reduce climate risks if global warming goals are […]

DMF selected as a Paris Peace Forum Scale-Up project

The Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) has been selected as one of ten Scale-Up projects of the 2021 Paris Peace Forum. The DMF, which is administered by the Degrees Initiative, supports teams of scientists in developing countries as they research how SRM could affect their regions. The DMF teams have been responsible for the first SRM […]

Degrees is now a registered charity in the UK

After ten years operating as a project based at other institutions, the Degrees Initiative has registered as a charity in England and Wales. This represents a major milestone for the initiative and a major step forward in our plans to scale-up from 2022 onward.

SRMGI becomes The Degrees Initiative

After a decade as a project housed at other NGOs, the SRM Governance Initiative (SRMGI) has moved into a new phase, establishing as an independent non-profit organisation and changing its name to The Degrees Initiative. Degrees stands for Developing world Governance, Research and Evaluation of SRM. Our mission, vision and values remain the same, and […]

The Degrees Initiative at the Paris Peace Forum 2021

The Degrees Initiative will be taking part in the Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November 2021. Following a call for proposals earlier this year, our initiative was selected to be featured among 80 other solutions for peace. Participants will be able to visit our virtual booth throughout the event. On Saturday from 15:30 to […]

Three new teams awarded DMF grants

Three new teams have just been awarded Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) grants in Bangladesh, Kenya and the Philippines. Congratulations and welcome to them! Altogether, 15 new scientists will research the potential impacts of SRM on their regions from 2021 to 2023: In Bangladesh, the team led by Dr Abu Syed (Centre for Rediscovered and Redefined […]