Americas Conference on Solar Radiation Modification

Americas SRM conference participants

Kingston, Jamaica On 24 and 25 August 2022 the Inter-American Institute (IAI) for Global Change Research in partnership with the Degrees Initiative and Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) held a two-day conference at the University of the West Indies’ headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. The conference focused on the scientific and socio-political dimensions of solar radiation […]

Second DECIMALS Research Residency at Harvard

On 5-8 July 2022 the Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program (SGRP) hosted a research residency for DECIMALS research scientists. The residency offered a unique chance for SRM researchers from around the world to meet in person, share ideas, and develop better ways to explore the impacts of sunlight reflection methods (SRM). Participants included DECIMALS researchers […]

Interview with Dr Casimir Y. Da-Allada

Dr Casimir Y. Da Allada is the lead author of the first SRM study to come from an LDC. Photo: Casimir Y. Da Allada In June, Beninese oceanographer Dr Casimir Y. Da-Allada was lead author on the first SRM modelling paper to come from a Least Developed Country. We recently had a chance to catch […]

Interview with Dr Khalil Karami

Dr Khalil Karami is the lead author of the first SRM modelling study to come from the MENA region. Photo: Khalil Karami In June, the Iran DECIMALS team led by Dr Khalil Karami published its first SRM research paper.  We talked with Khalil about the study and his path to leading the region’s first SRM […]

First SRM study from the MENA region

The Iran DECIMALS team just published their first study in Geophysical Research Letters, exploring how SRM could affect storm tracks in the MENA region. Analysing modelling data from the GLENS project, the study finds that SRM could partially offset the poleward shift of storm tracks induced by global warming, and thus reduce some water stresses in […]

First SRM study from an LDC

Today, the Benin DECIMALS team published their first paper in Earth’s Future, exploring how SRM could affect the West African monsoon. Using modelling data from the GLENS project, the study finds that SRM would reduce climate-caused disruptions to rainfall in the Northern Sahel and Southern Sahel. However, it also finds that SRM would be projected to […]

Interview with Dr Izidine Pinto

Dr Izidine Pinto is the lead author of the first SRM modelling study from Africa. Photo: Izidine Pinto In January, global SRM research reached an important milestone: the publication of the world’s first African research paper on solar geoengineering. The paper’s lead author was Mozambican climatologist Dr Izidine Pinto, working with colleagues at the University of […]

First African SRM research paper

January saw a landmark for the global evaluation of SRM and also a landmark for SRMGI (The Degrees Initiative). A research team based at the University of Cape Town published the first African research paper on SRM, and first to come from our DECIMALS Fund. Entitled “Africa’s Climate Response to Solar Radiation Management with Stratospheric Aerosol”, […]


Earlier this month, SRMGI supported the South Africa DECIMALS team to present their work to the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco.