Degrees Modelling Fund: the trillion dollar project (sort of)

In his new book How to Spend a Trillion Dollars, science journalist Rowan Hooper explores how a trillion dollars might be spent on reducing suffering and encouraging human flourishing around the world. In addressing issues such as poverty reduction, global health care, and fighting climate change, Hooper considers ideas as varied as universal basic income, artificial intelligence and carbon capture technologies.

While reviewing technologies that might be able to reduce climate risk, Hooper turns his attention to SRM research. He concludes that “The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative … have allocated $430,000 to developing countries to assess how SRM might impact them. This is an area we can boost. […] We will empower researchers around the world.”

We were delighted that the Degrees Modelling Fund received such commendation and we regret that Hooper’s trillion dollars is only imaginary, but he knows where we are once he’s saved up.