Degrees-supported research teams started publishing their first papers in early 2020 under the Degrees Modelling Fund. They have already been responsible for the first SRM research papers from Africa, the Middle East, Small Island Developing States, Southeast Asia and Least Developed Countries.

Their modelling projects are typically looking at the regional impacts of SRM, and it is expected that 60+ developing countries will have more evidence of the effects of SRM once all studies are complete. From 2024 onward, studies of SRM in the social sciences will further enrich this body of work through Degrees’ newly announced Socio-Political Fund. This page features all Degrees-funded papers published to date and will be updated regularly as more papers come out.

Research papers to date

As of 4 May 2024

Upcoming publications

Many more Degrees-funded scientific papers are under preparation or review, looking at the impacts of SRM on precipitation and temperatures in West and Southern Africa, future climate projections in Indonesia, dust storms in the MENA region, crop suitability in Africa, regional climate disparities in South America, extreme precipitation in the Caribbean, the West African monsoon, future droughts in Africa, and more.