DMF paper: SRM and meteorological droughts in West Africa

DMF Team Benin

Impact of Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering on meteorological droughts in West Africa – Atmosphere, A. E. Alamou, E. Obada, E. I. Biao, E. B. J. Zandagba, C. Y. Da-Allada, F. K. Bonou, E. Baloïtcha, S. Tilmes, P. J. Irvine


Climate change is making droughts and floods more frequent, and for West Africa – with its high reliance on rain-fed agriculture – this is of particular concern.

How would SRM, which is designed to lower the global temperature overall, affect this trend, and the long-term prospects of people and economies in West Africa? Adéchina Eric Alamou, a climate scientist at Benin’s University of Abomey-Calavi, and an expert in hydrological modelling, decided to explore the issue.

The study underlined that more work is needed to explore the effects of evaporation and runoff in drought assessment, and to identify the potential impacts of SRM on food production and water availability.