DMF paper: SRM effect on sea surface temperatures

dmf benin team paper
DMF Team Benin

Response of the Equatorial Atlantic Cold Tongue to Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering – Aerosol Science and Engineering – Y. W. Pomalegni, C. Y. Da-Allada, Z. Sohou, E. Baloïtcha, E. A. Alamou, F. M. Awo, F. Bonou, I. Biao, E. Obada, J. E. Zandagba, S. Tilmes & P. J. Irvine


While SRM would be generally effective in reducing the effects on global warming, it could significantly affect the water cycle, with potentially unexpected impacts on regional climates.

Yves Wilfrid Pomalegni, a DMF scientist from Benin’s University of Abomey-Calavi, explored how SRM would affect sea surface temperature in the ‘Equatorial Atlantic Cold Tongue’ at different times of the year – and how that would compare to a world with high levels of global warming.

The study’s results suggested that there is indeed an effect worth learning more about – and just as importantly, underlines the important contribution of West African scientists to this debate.