DMF researchers gather in Istanbul

group photo of DMF researchers in Istanbul
Photograph of DMF researchers, research collaborators and staff at the research planning workshop. Istanbul, Turkey 2023.

A new cohort of DMF scientists met with the class of 2018 for three days of induction, planning and discussion at Degrees’ research planning workshop in Istanbul, from 24-26 January 2023.  

The meeting marked the starting point for DMF’s second round of research projects, bringing two scientists from each of the 15 new teams together with members from all of its previous projects, as well as eight leading SRM modelling experts who volunteer their time as research collaborators

In total, the event counted scientists from more than 20 Global South countries. The agenda included a combination of informative and interactive sessions, as well as plenty of unstructured time to encourage relationship-building and informal exchange.

"One of the best things about Degrees is the community. A group of people coming together every few years to think about this. Beyond science, this has been the real strength.”

Over the three days, each of the 15 new DMF teams gave presentations on their research plans, receiving input and feedback from other workshop participants. Research collaborators also provided the new teams with modelling data and ran sessions to help them navigate the challenges of SRM modelling.

Degrees aims to turn the research planning workshop into an annual event to help us achieve our goals of putting the Global South at the centre of the SRM conversation and building a global community of SRM experts.

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