South Africa, November 2012

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Solar Geoengineering: Research, Governance, and African Involvement

In November 2012, AAS and SRMGI (the Degrees Initiative) held a workshop in Boksburg, South Africa, the second in a series of three workshops in Africa. It built off the momentum and discussions of a preceding AAS and SRMGI workshop held in Senegal. The event was chaired by Professor Georges-Ivo Ekosse of Walter Sisulu University.

Prof. Georges-Ivo Ekosse, of Walter Sisulu University, Prof. Richard Odingo of the University of Nairobi, and Prof. Joseph Massaquoi of the African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI) gave welcome addresses.

Prof. Ekosse presented on climate change and Africa, covering current environmental pressures around Africa, projected changes and population growth, and the threat that climate change poses to people, ecosystems, and economies.

Following Prof. Ekosse’s presentation was an interactive group exercise that encouraged participants to share opinions on the research and governance of SRM. Participants were given various SRM development scenarios and were asked where they would place such activities on a theoretical line between facilitation and prohibition.

After the group exercise, there was a discussion on how African experts, policymakers, and civil society may engage with SRM research and governance. Participants expressed that it is important for Africa to be actively involved in deliberations on geoengineering, to enhance the capacity of its research centers and associated scientists, and to make contributions to the development of technologies like SRM.

Participants then turned their attention to the next stages for African discussion of SRM, including education and research in Africa and next steps for further engagement.

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