Thailand, March 2017

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First workshop in Thailand

SRMGI (the Degrees Initiative) held a workshop on 1 March 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, in collaboration with the National Science Museum (NSM) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

NSM is focused on presenting relevant science-based experiences for people of all ages and in as many places as possible, in order to enhance understanding and promote enjoyment – helping develop a community of citizens who value science, its role in individual lives and in the development of the Nation. SEI is an international non-profit research organization that has worked with environment and development issues from local to global policy levels for a quarter of a century. SEI works to shift policy and practice towards sustainability.

This workshop was centred around conversations on the governance of geoengineering research as well as presentations and group activities.

Participants learn and exchange on the science and governance of SRM research in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo credit: The Degrees Initiative.

Workshop agenda

1000 – 1015Registration and refreshments
1015 – 1030Greetings from NSM, SEI and SRMGI
Dr. Aphiya Hathayatham, Vice President, National Science Museum Thailand (NSM)
Niall O’Connor, Asia Centre Director, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Andy Parker, Project Director, Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI)  
1030 – 1100Presentation: Climate threats to Thailand
Dr. Pichai Sonchaeng, Former President of NSM Thailand
1100 – 1130Presentation: Introduction to SRM
Andy Parker, Project Director, SRMGI
Alex Hanafi, Senior Manager of Multilateral Climate Strategy, Environmental Defense Fund
1130 – 1230Q&A and plenary discussion on SRM and its implications for climate policy
Moderated by Andy Parker, Project Director, SRMGI  
1230 – 1330Lunch
1330 – 1500World café exercise
Moderated small group discussions on different dimensions of SRM   
1500 – 1530Break
1530 – 1630

Panel discussion – next steps for SRM research governance in Thailand and beyond
Panel discussion (30 minutes)

  • Janos Pasztor, Executive Director, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative
  • Albert Salamanca, Research Fellow, SEI
  • Thawatchai Saengkhamsuk, Acting Director of Strategy Office, Thailand
    Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization, TGO)

Moderated plenary discussion (30 minutes)

1630 – 1700Closing remarks and group photo    


  • Alex Hanafi (SRMGI/the Degrees Initiative & Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Dr Aphiya Hathayatham (National Science Museum, Thailand)
  • Niall O’Connor (Stockholm Environment Institute – SEI Asia)
  • Andy Parker (SRMGI/the Degrees Initiative)
  • Janos Pasztor (Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative)
  • Sonchaeng Pichai (National Science Museum, Thailand)
  • Thawatchai Saengkhamsuk (Thailand Greenhouse Gas management Organization)
  • Dr Albert Salamanca (Stockholm Environment Institute – SEI Asia)
The participants to the first SRMGI outreach meeting held in Thailand. Photo credit: NSM.

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