First SRM study in Latin America

DMF Team Argentina

La Plata Basin Hydroclimate Response to Solar Radiation Modification with Stratospheric Aerosol Injection – Frontiers in Climate, Ines Camilloni, Natalia Montroull, Carla Gulizia and Ramiro I. Saurral


The La Plata Basin (LPB) is the fifth largest freshwater basin in the world, and a crucial source for 160 million people in southern Latin America. Climate change has had a big impact on precipitation and increasing river flows, with significant impacts on the region.

This study in Climate Risk Management explored some of the costs, benefits and trade-offs of deploying SRM – when compared to a warmer world without SRM –  in the La Plata river basin.

It also kickstarted a crucial field of climate science in the Latin America region, setting the stage for further essential research in this field.