Global South scientists shape the future of SRM modelling at GeoMIP

Climate researchers from across the Global South helped shape the future of solar radiation modification (SRM) modelling at the 13th GeoMIP Workshop held from 3-7 July 2023 at Exeter University, UK.

GeoMIP, short for Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project, is an international project that aims to gather a global community of experts to develop model consensus on the likely effects of SRM on the climate, to better inform the scientific community, policymakers, and the public.

“If we can participate in this kind of development [GeoMIP], it is better for West Africa”
Dr Amadou Coulibaly
DMF Scientist (Mali)

Degrees supported the attendance of 11 Degrees Modelling Fund (DMF) scientists, from across Africa, Asia and South America. This was the largest number of developing country researchers ever to attend a GeoMIP workshop, and their presence was intended to better reflect Global South perspectives in the design of future SRM climate models and to help build a global community of experts.

Participants explored innovative modelling methodologies, identified knowledge gaps, and debated how models could better simulate the local impacts of SRM. Some of the DMF scientists also presented their research:

  • Dr Amadou Coulibaly (Mali) on the impacts of SRM on cities in the Sahel region. 
  • Varisha Khan (Pakistan) on SRM’s potential impact on malaria transmission across South Asia. 
  • Prof. Alfonso Fernandez (Chile) on the climate/glacier interactions in the Andes.

The DMF scientists challenged some of the prevailing thinking at GeoMIP by raising issues they encountered in their modelling work and bringing up regional policy focuses, such as prioritising precipitation over temperature as the main variable of interest. Dr Chris Lennard (South Africa) gave a presentation on the challenges and opportunities of expanding SRM research in the Global South. 

The contributions of DMF scientists at the 13th GeoMIP meeting was a significant milestone in putting developing country perspectives at the centre of SRM evaluation, and we are grateful that so many people travelled so far to participate.

“One thing that really stood out for me is that they are looking forward to how we too can contribute to the development of GeoMIP7, which is something good. That gives you a sense of belonging - you are a part of this and this is a way to grow the community.”
Dr Temitope Egbebiyi
DMF Scientist (Nigeria)
DMF Scientists in attendance (11)

Godwin Ayesiga (Uganda)

Frédéric Bonou (Benin)

Amadou Coulibaly (Mali)

Temitope Egbebiyi (Nigeria)

Alfonso Fernandez (Chile)

Varisha Khan (Pakistan)

Chris Lennard (South Africa)

Romaric Odoulami (South Africa)

Muhammad Shoaib (Pakistan)

Md. Abu Syed (Bangladesh)

Mou Leong Tan (Malaysia)

DMF research collaborators in attendance (9)

Peter Irvine

Ben Kravitz

Chris Lennard

Douglas MacMartin

John Moore

Alan Robock

Simone Tilmes

Daniele Visioni

Mari Tye

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