The 2025 Degrees Global Forum

The 2025 Degrees Global Forum will be the first in a series of major conferences for the solar radiation modification (SRM) community. Taking place from 12-16 May 2025 in Cape Town, South Africa, the event will bring together hundreds of researchers, NGO representatives, policymakers, thought-leaders, and journalists from around the world to discuss the scientific, social, and political dimensions of SRM.

The Degrees Global Forums will emphasise the Global South in SRM dialogues. They will foreground the breadth of SRM research being done there – by both Degrees’ established modelling projects and the new social science ones that we will announce soon.

The annual meeting of the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP) will take place in Cape Town the same week, in partnership with the Degrees Global Forum.

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We are pleased to be coordinating with the Centre for Climate Repair at the University of Cambridge. We encourage you to also look at its Arctic Repair Conference 2025, being held in Cambridge on 26-28 June 2025, and to consider attending both events.

Photo credits

Banner: Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa – 2012. Photo Credit: Marcelo Novais, Unsplash.