Researcher profile

Dr Esdras Babadjide Josué Zandagba

University of Abomey-Calavi
Zandagba Josué holds a PhD in Hydrology and Integrated Water Resource Management from the International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA-UNESCO Chair) of Abomey-Calavi University. Working as a Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Applied Hydrology for more than 5 years, he has participated in several research projects, scientific trainings and seminars on issues related to the monitoring and management of water resources, climate change and water hygiene and sanitation. The most important ones focused on meteorological variables analysis, the hydrological modelling of the Ouémé sub-basin and the evaluation of the impact of climate variability on water resources. He also works on the hydrodynamic modelling and water management of some lakes and lagoons of Benin. As Course Assistant at the National Water Institut, he teaches and supervises bachelor students in their research work. A junior expert in the OmiDelta Project for the section related to water resource management in the Delta of Ouémé, he has published several articles in journals on hydrology and on environment protection.

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