Researcher profile

Dr Mari Tye

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Mari Tye is a Project Scientist in the Climate Change Research group of the Climate and Global Dynamics Lab at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. Her research centers on extreme weather and climate phenomena and their anticipated evolution with climate change. Mari’s two main foci are understanding the likely societal consequences of climate interventions (e.g. through changes in drought regimes), and translating global circulation model output into useful information for water resource managers. Through her background as a Professional Civil Engineer, Mari facilitates collaborations between ground-breaking atmospheric science research and decision-makers. In this capacity she is the current Chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate. Mari joined NCAR in 2012 after completing her PhD in statistical climatology at Newcastle University, UK, in 2012. Prior to this, Mari worked as a Civil Engineer in flood prevention and mitigation focussing on resilient drainage solutions for surface water flooding. She also worked in Uganda reviewing water and sanitation in and around Kabbubu Village and helping to develop “low regret” solutions to improve the facilities and water supplies.

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