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Dr Md. Abu Syed

Centre for Rediscovered and Redefined Natural Resources Research and Education (C4RE) & Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)
Dr Abu Syed is the Managing Director of C4RE Services Ltd., a senior fellow of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and the Director of the Nansen-Bangladesh International Centre for Coastal, Ocean and Climate Studies (NABIC). He is an environmental scientist and academician with 28 years of experience in climate change, climate modelling, remote sensing, GIS, adaptation, resilience, disaster risk reduction, environment and social safeguard in agriculture, forestry, fishery and livestock. He worked on projects at home and abroad with UNDP, World Bank, UKAid, USAID, KFW, NWO, IDRC, WOTRO, and many more. He holds a PhD on the impacts of global warming in tropical forests, an MSc in geo-information science from the Netherlands and a post-graduate diploma in geomatic engineering for integrated coastal zones from the UK.

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Bangladesh 2021 (Syed)
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