Researcher profile

Dr Pete Irvine

University College London
Dr Pete Irvine is Lecturer at UCL Earth Sciences, and previously Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences working in Prof. David Keith’s group. Dr Irvine conducts research on the climate and broader impacts of solar geoengineering and works to put those findings into perspective with the risks posed by climate change. Dr Irvine was awarded his PhD on the climate response to solar geoengineering in 2012 and worked after this as a post-doc at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam. In recent work, Dr Irvine has worked on novel analyses for evaluating solar geoengineering’s performance at offsetting climate change, and is currently working to evaluate the effects of solar geoengineering on drought and aridity. Beyond this, Dr Irvine has published on the sea-level rise response to solar geoengineering, produced reviews of its climate impacts, and collaborated to produce several interdisciplinary pieces addressing the broader socio-political implications of solar geoengineering.

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