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Dr Pornampai (Ping-Ping) Narenpitak

National Science and Technology Development Agency
Pornampai (Ping-Ping) Narenpitak is an atmospheric scientist based in Thailand. She has a PhD from the University of Washington, USA, where she studied cloud-climate feedbacks, shallow cumulus, stratocumulus clouds, and tropical cyclones using high-resolution simulations. This developed her research interest in solar radiation management (SRM). During her post-doctoral training in 2020-2021, she participated in the ATOMIC/EUREC4A joint field campaigns, an international collaboration that studied wintertime shallow cumulus clouds in the Atlantic Ocean. Based in Thailand since 2022, her research continues to be focused on clouds, and related topics such as tropical precipitation, air pollution, and the regional impacts of SRM.

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Thailand 2023 (Narenpitak)
Principal Investigator