Researcher profile

Dr Romaric C. Odoulami

University of Cape Town
Romaric Odoulami is a junior researcher with the ACDI, which is an interdisciplinary research and training institute situated within the University of Cape Town. His research focuses on understanding climate change risks in Africa. He aims to improve African communities’ understanding and management of climate risks and to reduce their vulnerabilities by quantifying weather and climate extreme risks, their implications for human communities, and identifying ways to manage these risks. Romaric’s vision is to assess climate change risks from the perspective of those dealing with risk, by working collaboratively with practitioners to provide policymakers with robust tools to influence policy and practice.

Associated DMF projects

DMF team 1
South Africa 2018 (Lennard)
Co-principal Investigator
DMF team 2
South Africa 2023 (Schwarz Meyer)
Co-principal Investigator
DMF team 3
Brazil 2023 (Simões Reboita)
Co-principal Investigator