Researcher profile

Dr Shyamal Karmakar

University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Shyamal Karmakar graduated from Georg-August-Universitaet Göttingen in Geosciences with a DAAD fellowship and grant. His primary research interest is ecohydrology and hydrological modeling. Spatiotemporal variations of water in the catchment process and climate and other bio-geophysical changes impacts, their characterisation and modeling have remained his topics of study since 2007. He has worked on various research projects with HUC-ICIMOD, IGSNRR, CAS, Kurukshetra University, and the University of Alberta. He also presented at international conferences and published in national and international journals. He has received research grants as a principal investigator from HUC-ICIMOD, the University of Chittagong. In this DECIMALS project, he is working as co-PI and expert contributor for hydrological modeling in SWAT, where geoengineering impacts will be studied for the great GBM basin.

Associated DMF projects

DMF team 1
Bangladesh 2021 (Syed)
Co-principal Investigator