About us

DEGREES stands for DEveloping country Governance REsearch and Evaluation for SRM. We are an NGO dedicated to putting the Global South at the centre of the SRM conversation.

Our Vision

We envision a future with experts from every region of the Global South playing a central role in the evaluation and governance of SRM.

Our Mission

We are changing the global environment in which SRM is evaluated, ensuring informed and confident representation from developing countries.

Our Approach

We build the capacity of developing countries to evaluate SRM through (1) outreach events that bring new people to the conversation, (2) research that builds expertise and an evidence base and (3) activities that build an international community of experts.


Bringing climate experts from the Global South into the SRM conversation


Supporting the creation of Global South SRM expertise through Degrees research funds


Community-building activities promote South–South and South–North collaboration

Our Values


We are neutral on SRM and will neither promote nor oppose it.

Commitment to mitigation

We believe that SRM should only be considered as a potential temporary supplement to reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, which must remain the primary focus of climate policy.


Degrees has been working for over a decade to ensure a more inclusive global conversation around SRM. We believe that such a conversation is essential if the world is to make informed and equitable decisions about SRM.

Academic excellence

We aim to expand the discussion of SRM’s potential risks and benefits, taking account of science, social science and governance. We will work to ensure that evaluation of SRM is informed by the best available evidence, and that it is analysed in the context, with impacts and implications compared both to today’s climate and to a warmed world.

Our Funders

The Degrees Initiative has been funded by a broad range of internationally recognised and respected philanthropists and philanthropic organisations, which are dedicated to tackling the climate crisis and to capacity development in the Global South.

The Degrees Initiative is currently funded by the Cohler Charitable Fund, the LAD Climate Fund* and Open Philanthropy:

Previous funding sources include Climate Pathfinders Foundation, the InterAcademy Panel (IAP), the European Climate Foundation, Zennström Philanthropies, the Carbon War Room, the Safe Climate Research Initiative (LowerCarbon Capital, Matt Cohler, the Pritzker Innovation Fund, Bill Trenchard, and the LAD Climate Fund) and the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER).

*Funds coming from the Schwab Charitable Fund.

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