Funding awards for development of an African SRM Research Coalition

A team at the University of Cape Town – led by Degrees-funded scientist and research collaborator, Dr Christopher Lennard – have been awarded funding from The Rockefeller Foundation, through its Uncommon Collaborations program with Dalberg Catalyst, to support the exploration of the development of an African Research Coalition on SRM. This project will be run and developed in partnership with Degrees and the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town. 

The funding will initially support an in-person workshop to bring together leading SRM researchers from across Africa alongside other climate scientists, and potential funders who may be interested in supporting the network. During the workshop, participants will collaborate to identify opportunities to build, grow and sustain a coalition of African SRM researchers, resulting in an initial roadmap of activities for the coalition. 

In partnership with Degrees, CSAG will also explore the possibility of a regional research hub in Africa. This could allow for growth of the coalition to support research coordination. 

We look forward to working together with Chris and CSAG on this new project exploring further collaboration on SRM research in Africa. 

Watch Chris talk about African led SRM research and his experience as a research collaborator here. 

“If you do the maths, you’ll figure out that only 0.8% since 1990 of funding for African research has gone into Africa. So almost nothing.”

Chris Lennard

University of Cape Town, South Africa

“It is very important that those countries that suffer the most from climate change should lead the conversation about SRM. And they can't lead the conversation if they don't know what it's about.” 

Romaric C. Odoulami

University of Cape Town, South Africa

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