Our work commended by Nature

Our approach to capacity-building around SRM was singled out for commendation in a Nature editorial this week. The piece notes that SRM has the potential to significantly reduce climate risks if employed as a short-term measure, but it could have serious, damaging side effects. In light of such large uncertainties, it supports the US National Academy of Sciences’ call for an expanded programme of SRM research, while also emphasising the importance of international collaboration. Echoing the NASEM report, the piece notes: “There are models for how to promote the collaboration sought by the US national academies. One is the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative, which promotes and funds solar geoengineering research in the global south. The organization has sponsored workshops in 14 countries and, since 2018, has paid out more than $430,000 to fund research in eight countries, including Bangladesh, Iran, Benin and Jamaica”.